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Radon Measurement Technician License:  MET11194

Full Home Inspections

At Home Diagnostic we offer different types of inspections, catered to the needs of our clients.  First and foremost is our full home inspection which is most applicable to a client in the process of purchasing a home.

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Seller's Inspections

We offer seller's inspections for clients who are selling their homes.  Some of our clients are about to put their homes on the market, and are fearful about what a home inspector may find.  By ordering a seller's inspection, they can be fully aware of what to expect when a home inspector sends them that dreaded report.

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Radon Inspections

The testing for the carcinogenic radon gas is very popular with home buyers; however, many homeowners who have lived in their homes for a long period of time may also wish to know whether or not they may have a problem with Radon. We are licensed radon measurement technicians through the State of New Jersey. The licensed laboratory we are affiliated with is Radiation Data in Skillman, New Jersey. We can help you with any of your radon testing needs, and Radiation Data will collect the data that we have provided, process that data, and send you a professionally prepared report on the findings. Radiation Data is also a licensed Radon mitigation company that will be able to make the repairs needed to remove elevated levels of radon gas from your home.

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Wood destroying Insect Inspections

Wood destroying insect inspections, more commonly referred to as termite inspections, are inspections that we perform on a daily basis. Either as part of a full home inspection, or as an individual inspection, we have had over twenty years of experience looking for termites and other wood destroying insects. Contrary to popular belief, there is no licensing requirement with the State of New Jersey to inspect for the presence of wood destroying insects or to complete the HUD wood destroying insect form, as long as no inferences to a license are made. Licensing is required for the handling of certain pesticides, and the treatment of a property. We do not, nor have we ever, treated homes for any type of infestation, nor have we ever handled any pesticides that would require a license to do so. Due to the fact that we do not treat for any infestation, we can offer you a completely unbiased opinion as to the presence of a wood destroying insect infestation. In the past, we had been licensed for wood destroying insects; however, after years of ongoing training courses focused solely on the handling of pesticides, and the treatment of insect infestations, it was our company President's decision to stop wasting time and money on something so completely irrelevant to our work. Contact us to schedule your unbiased wood destroying insect inspection today. If for some reason you feel it necessary to have an inspection performed by a licensed pesticide company, we can refer you to a number of them that will be able to fulfill your requirements.

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Partial inspections

Partial inspections are also popular with many of our clients. Many people have either purchased homes without having an inspection, or have lived in the home for a long period of time when suddenly a problem occurs. Some of the partial inspections that we offer are; roof inspections, basement water inspections, plumbing inspections, electrical inspections, structural inspections, and HVAC inspections (heating and air conditioning) which would include; boiler inspections, furnace inspections, and air conditioning inspections. There are also times when a client may ask us to check individual components of the home such as windows, doors, floors ceiling or walls. If any of these types of inspections are what you are looking for, please contact us so that we can customize an inspection to your specific needs.

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Energy Audits

With ever rising fuel bills, and the huge taxation on our natural resources utilized to heat, fuel and power the homes we live in, we are offering energy audits. Please contact us today to learn how we can help you to lower your utility bills, and make a valuable contribution to our environment for future generations through energy efficiency and reusable products.

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Other Services and Inspections

Other services and inspections that we can help you with are done on a referral basis. You can be assured that any of the companies that we refer will be of the highest quality in the industry of which they represent. You can also be assured that there is no financial incentive for us to refer any company. First and foremost, that would be morally wrong and in direct contradiction to the standards on which our company was formed. Second, in support of our long time standards, it has become illegal to receive a fee for a service provided to any of our clients from another company because we are licensed Home Inspectors through the State of New Jersey. Contact us (link) with confidence today to receive a quality referral for any of the following services: mold Inspections, mold testing, lead paint inspections, lead paint testing, water quality testing, well testing, well inspections, septic inspections, oil tank testing, oil tank searches, asbestos inspections, asbestos testing, licensed termite inspections, chimney inspections, and chimney certifications. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us anyway. There is a very good chance that we will be able to help you with the professional that you will need.

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Ongoing Care

Most home inspection companies complete their inspections at your home and that is where your service ends with them. With Home Diagnostic Inspections, we do not leave you wondering if you will ever see us again.

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